Established in 1992, Continental Polymers (CPL) provides independent consultancy to plastic film producers and equipment manufacturers throughout the world.

Continental Polymers Limited (CPL) is recognised world-wide as the leading independent plastic films consultancy and the foremost impartial authority on the full range of plastic flat films, including manufacturing management systems, production equipment, raw materials, troubleshooting and development.

Extensive knowledge of BOPP is supplemented by wide experience of CPP, BOPS,PET, PE and other plastic films.

CPL's skills in many specialist techniques, such as metallising, and multiple polymer co-extrusion, are also frequently called upon.                    

CPL can advise on:                   

designing, building and commissioning new facilities.                    

increasing, changing or optimising production processes.   

business appraisal and benchmarking.                 

new venture feasibility and business plan evaluation.                  

quality improvement and trouble-shooting.                   

developing new products, equipment and end uses.                    

reducing waste.                   

training personnel                  

plant preventative maintenance systems            

CPL's clients are in various sectors including raw material producers, OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturer's), film production, printing, packaging  and conversion world-wide.

Total confidentiality is guaranteed on all projects, beginning from the first contact you make with CPL.

If you would like further information or about CPL's expertise and other consultancy services in general, please contact Steven Wheatley on Tel.+ 44 (0)1237 476757


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