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Your process may seem efficient in the use of raw materials with the potential to recycle most internally generated waste, but you may be losing valuable opportunities to increase your profitability. For many manufacturers the cost of producing regranulate material is lost within the total process. If any, of the points identified below apply to your business then you too will be losing profits.

Does inadequate control and confidence in regranulate quality limit the use of recycled material? With CPL’s assistance the use of effective management systems, controlled segregation and developed product formulation will all help to realise increased operational savings, improved productivity and film quality.

Does ineffective and poorly controlled use of regranulate material adversely effect process line continuity, causing film breaks, unstable profile control as well as optical quality defects such as gels, dirt and other inclusions?

Can you optimise your first time pass raw material conversion to fully realise the most effective manufacturing cost, and achieve your full reclaim equipment capacity ?

Do your current quality standards and interpretation of them by your operatives produce unnecessary waste? A "fit for purpose" review of customer needs and QA systems by CPL could increase your slit to sale performance and reduce the need to recycle waste.

Is your product waste currently dumped or incinerated? Would you like to recycle it for re-use by yourselves or others?

Most film operations have the potential to achieve a resin to final product sales conversion of up to 97%, does your operation achieve this target?


If you can relate to any of the comments made above then CPL could help you to realise the full potential of your manufacturing operation.



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